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01. Download and unzip it in your WFE server
02. Copy Get-SPConfig.ps1 to a folder, eg C:\tools
03. Right click and start SharePoint Management Shell as an administrator. Make sure you are a farm admin, otherwise you won't have access to SharePoint Databases
04. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned, this will allow you to run local script in your server and ask for a certificate for external script
05. Browse to the folder you copied Get-SPConfig.ps1
06. Run Get-SPConfig by typing ./Get-SPConfig
07. This script run through 4 phases, after finishing phase 4 it will ask you to email the file. This function works only if your out-going emailserver is configured in WFE server, otherwise press Ctrl+C to abort
08. You will find a file created under C:\temp and is called SPConfig.Zip

What kind of information does Get-SPCOnfig collect for you?:

01. General information about your farm, including farm configuration, servers in farm, Alternate Access Mappings so on
02. Displaying a list of all .dll files under HIV14 and total number of files
03. Getting all Errors in Eventlogs for last 24 hours
04. Getting all processes sorted by CPU-time usage
05. Getting SharePoint services and the account they run under
06. Getting IIS services and the account they run under
07. Collect Ping information and pinging all hosts in the farm
08. Collect Hotfix Information
09. Collect Installed Software
10. Display all IIS sites and their status
11. Display all Application Pools and their status
12. Displaying all SharePoint databases

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